Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paralysed man told he's fit to work

A PARALYSED car crash victim who requires round-the-clock care faces financial and emotional turmoil after being told by benefits bosses he is fit to work.
Severely disabled Simon Powell has been stripped of his disability benefits and will soon lose his mobility car following an assessment by a doctor on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Despite the 45-year-old being wheelchair-bound, unable to stand without the aid of crutches and needing help to the toilet, Simon and his partner and carer, Val Bolan, 51, will now miss out on their desperately-needed £120-a-week Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

A tearful Simon, who is also unable to wash and dress himself, said: "We just can't believe it.


  1. If this man has been turned down for DLA, DLA is not a benefit that is to do with work. So he has not been found fit for work.
    ESA or incapacity benefit is for people too sick too work so if it is this that he has been turned down for.
    Whichever it is (or they may know have linked the 2 together?) but not as far as Im aware. Simon should make sure he appeals and gets help from welfare rights for his appeal. It is disgraceful that he is not in receipt of DLA and he should be able to keep his mobility car.

  2. I have known this guy for many years and there is nothing wrong with him, dont be put off with his tearful puppy dog look he is fraudster and he knows it. If he is not fit for work, why did he do work for his friend a few years ago in a carpet shop in the West Midlands for cash in hand.


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