Monday, November 15, 2010

BBC Documentary

 I have received this email (below) from Katie Rice at True Vision TV.  If you feel you would like to be involved or have a story to contribute please email Katie at: Please do not email me or the site.  Katie is the person you need to ask if you have questions




I am working on the development of a documentary focussing on the effects the cuts will/are already having on those with disabilities. We have a strong history of making powerful documentaries which campaign for social change and justice. You can look at some of our previous productions at I am looking for people who are happy to tell their story and how things have affected them - for example I have heard that some are finding the notion of cuts so scary that they have turned to suicide. I want to know how it has led to this and really give those who are feeling unheard a voice.


Please feel free to post my email address as I want to hear people's personal stories. I really do want to hear from those who feel they have been hit the hardest as this will make the programme have more impact.


I thank you for any help or information you can give me,


Kind Regards,


Katie Rice

True Vision





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  1. Can I please post this on my PODS (Parents Opening Doors) page on facebook - may get some interest ??

    Jayne Stevens


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