Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

Thnk you for your support on October 3rd and 20th to help us fight against cuts to care funding and benefits. We are now trying to apply for some funding to help make our campaigns as strong and effective as possible and it would help with thta if anyone who hasn't already joined up yo our facebook and/or blog could do so and please add a link from your own organisations.



About DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)


DPAC is about disabled people and their allies. DPAC is UK based but we know that disabled people in other countries are suffering from austerity cuts and a lack of fundamental rights. We welcome all to join us in fighting for justice and human rights for all disabled people.


Disabled people should not be the scapegoats for the financial mistakes of governments, should not be constantly told that there is no money to support them by millionaire politicians.  We will not tolerate further erosion of our living conditions or our human rights, nor will we sit quietly while they try to take our rights away.


DPAC was formed by a group of disabled people after the 3rd October mass protests against cuts in Birmingham, England. The 3rd October saw the first mass protest against the austerity cuts and their impact on disabled people-It was led by disabled people under the name of The Disabled Peoples’ Protest.


DPAC co-founders are the original Disabled Peoples’ Protest organisers. Linda Burnip was instrumental in getting disabled peoples’ voices heard and disabled people represented at the protest, along with, Sam Brackenbury, Bob Williams- Findlay, Tina Hogg, Debbie Jolly, Eleanor Lisney, Dave Lupton, Pete Millington, and most important of all: all those that marched in the pouring rain on October the 3rd, all those that joined the virtual protest, and all those that supported us with email campaigns and messages when the march was threatened: all made DPAC a reality.


DPAC is for everyone who believes that disabled people should have full human rights and equality. It is for everyone that refuses to accept that any country can destroy the lives of people just because they are or become disabled or sick. It is for everyone against government austerity measures which target the poor while leaving the wealthy unscathed. It is for everyone who refuses to stay silent about the injustices delivered by wealthy politicians on ordinary people and their lives.


Join us at FB  Disabled People Against Cuts



or visit our blog


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  1. I wasnt sure where else to post this , so if it would be better placed elsewhere then maybe someone could move it for me.

    I wanted to find a way that those unable to march or protest in other ways could make their voices heard so I started a thread on BBC OUCH called " my story " the idea being that people speak for themselves about how policies of the last and the present governments have and may effect them.

    I wondered if it would be possible to post it here and for you to maybe draw peoples attention to it.

    Not all of us can march etc but most of s can make our voices heard given a place to do so.

    Here's the link.

    Jo Mackwell

  2. Please forward this to everyone you know. Thanks!


  3. Just found this site. I was also wanting to protest but can't go on marches so I have done a YouTube video, which I plan to send instead, if anyone wants to use it against the cuts, you are very welcome.



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