Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Canine Partner

This poem was written for a close friend’s mother, Sheila, disabled in a car accident. Her dog, Juneau, was trained by Canine Partners, a charity ‘transforming the lives of people with disabilities by partnering them with highly trained assistant dogs.’ Sadly, Juneau has died since I wrote the poem.

Sheila now has another wonderful assistant dog but. But Juneau was the first, not only transforming her life but also that of her husband John. Is it any wonder then that Juneau will always have a special place in their affections?

For more information about this excellent organisation that helps disabled people across the UK but relies on donations and fund raising events to do so:  (or call 08456 580 481)


While I’m just an ordinary person
although I have a disability,
Juneau’s trained to be one in a million,
assisting, supporting, inspiring me

Juneau helps me participate fully
in the mainstream business of living;
people would rather get to know me
instead of looking away or staring

Juneau is my trusty canine partner,
together we tackle life’s ups and downs;
we make a team like you’ll find no other
on slopes where once only mountains

Far more than assistant or friend to me,
Juneau helps make my dreams reality

[From: On The Battlefields Of Love by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2010]

Republished with kind permission of R N Taber.

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To find out more about the fantastic work of Canine Partners please visit their site at:

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